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Half Price Books, one of the nation's largest new and used bookstore chains and a dedicated supporter of national literacy projects and environmental issues, has developed this Delete Censorship Web site, which is designed to celebrate U.S. First Amendment rights, as well as draw attention to existing censorship issues.

The Web site officially launched in conjunction with Banned Books Awareness Week 2006 and was created to celebrate literature of all kinds and to continue to ensure that ideas remain accessible to all who want them.

Observed since 1982, Banned Books Awareness Week, provides an opportunity for all American citizens, including readers, authors, aspiring writers, journalists and advocates of First Amendment rights, to focus on issues of intellectual freedom, as they affect the community, local public libraries, the country and generations of youth to come.

This Web site exists to encourage the conversation about censorship, to provide information about free speech and the censorship of books, and to educate others about the freedom to read (and write) as protected by the First Amendment.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press includes your right to knowledge and the expression of ideas. Half Price Books supports the imaginative and courageous authors of all books, including those that open our eyes to controversial topics.

Half Price Books has long been a supporter of free speech and has always encouraged patrons to read all sorts of literature including books that have been banned or challenged. The foundation for the bookstore's commitment to free speech was modeled by Pat Anderson and Ken Gjemre, who founded the company more than 35 years ago.

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